If it appreciates
…buy it,

If it depreciates
…lease it!

~ J. Paul Getty


This is a very old case study which occurred when some of the current licensees were very, very young.

Early in the 1980's I received a call from an aircraft dealer who asked me to arrange finance for a customer to purchase a light aircraft.  Having done so the new client, Wilbur*, who I had noted owned a restaurant associated with a new US franchising chain that had recently set foot in Australia, asked me if I could finance the fitout of a second restaurant.  He explained that his bank, who had financed his first McDonald's restaurant, did not wish to finance another one.

Having arranged finance for his aircraft, I felt under some moral obligation to do what I could to arrange finance for his new restaurant.  This proved to be an extremely difficult task, but after numerous knock-backs, I eventually secured the required finance.

Wilbur displayed his gratitude by introducing me to a McDonald's colleague who required finance to fund some new equipment and the rest is history!  Thirty years later, having arranged funding for more than 300 licensees (some of whom have since retired and sadly some have passed on) Enterprise Finance continues to advise on, arrange and provide finance to McDonald's licensees for equipment, decor items, refurbishments, drive thrus and motor vehicles.

The moral to this story is:

Once a client, always a client.


We suggest that any service provider who has worked with McDonald's licensees for three decades must be doing something right.

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*Real name changed to protect privacy.

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